#INTERVIEW: People are very fragile after being released from prison

Jana Repková, Head of the Program for Persons in Conflict with the Law, Centre for Drug Prevention and Therapy (CPPT), speaks in this interview about the current situation of the Czech prison system, preparations for the return of prisoners to normal life, and what the involvement in the Work Behind Bars project will bring for her work.

# Partners

The project "Systemic provision of care for imprisoned drug users and its subsequent continuity after release" is financially supported by the financial mechanism Norwegian Funds 2014-2021 in the Justice Program. The project is implemented in partnership with the organizations Center for Drug Prevention and Therapy, o.p.s., KOTEC, o.p.s., Laxus z.ú., Magdalena, o.p.s., SANANIM z.ú., Společnost Podané ruce o.p.s.