Addiction puts the released back behind bars.

Together we are introducing innovative methods of addiction treatment to Czech prisons.

Where we work

# About the project

The Association of Providers of Addiction Services' project "Systemic provision of care for imprisoned drug users and its subsequent continuity after release" brought together the largest organizations operating in the Czech Republic in the field of support for people with addictions and in the field of work with convicts. The aim of the project is to create and pilot a new Case Management method for working with inmates with drug addiction in twelve Czech prisons. It brings together experts from several areas related to dealing with addiction and working with prisoners – for example, social workers, health professionals, addictologists, representatives of the Probation and Mediation Service and others. If this approach proves successful, it will be transferred to other prison facilities across the country in the future. The project also includes education and supervision of individual staff involved in the project – from the professional staff of the cooperating prisons to the staff of individual organizations and continuous research and continuous evaluation of the entire project and its individual parts.

The number of drug-addict convicts’ in the Czech Republic has increased since 2013, (59% of the total, in 2019). Drug use represents most influential recidivism cause (65% of convicts repeatedly serving, in 2019). Regarding drugs, some may cut down, others continue, some are new to it, whilst some take even higher risks. Followed by disintegrated post-penitentiary care, drug-addicts´ support supplied in prisons is rather limited. There´s a very likely return to drugs after the discharge even for those who were off drugs while in prison. An effective life related intervention system in prisons has the potential to contribute to reducing criminal recidivism beyond the discharge. Our project aims positive changes support within the life of 300 drug-addicts in 12 prisons via multidisciplinary care, and subsequently in 8 Bohemia regions, they return after their discharge. Therefore, in collaboration with six professional and experienced organizations, we aim to implement Case Management programs to stabilize convicts after their discharge; mainly: housing, employment, family and continuity of subsequent addict and health care in order to support direct work with clients and its quality growth through the system of regular education and supervision of employees. Through the interconnection of professional care, we´ll broaden cooperation with professional staff of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic and related services. We´ll continuously monitor the conditions to implement Case Management programs into Czech prisons, evaluate the impact of our efforts onto persons being supported persons´ further lives, as well as get feedback on our services. Thus, we shall raise public awareness of addiction issue "Under Lock & Key", as well as build positive icon of those who help obsolete/convinced drug users.

# WHAT we offer

Direct work with clients

Case managers of the participating organizations work with clients directly in prisons. They connect them with other professional services and organizations. They prepare a plan for their exit from prison and deal with housing, employment, addiction treatment and leisure time. They are in contact with clients immediately after their release from the prison.

Education of case managers

Case managers meet on joint training cycles, share their experience, and participate in regular supervision.


We connect partners across addictology services and look for opportunities for closer cooperation with the Prison Service of the Czech Republic. We help to create an effective support network for clients in various parts of the country.

Evaluation and research

We monitor and evaluate the entire project in detail. We conduct structured interviews with clients, prison representatives and employees of the organizations involved. We publish all reports.


We publish interviews and selected stories of clients who have gone through case management. We are in contact with journalists and will prepare an information campaign about the work of case managers in prisons

# Our team

# Where we do it

We implement the case management program in twelve prisons located in the Karlovy Vary, South Moravian and Central Bohemia regions and in the capital city of Prague. On the basis of individual agreements with regional providers of addiction services, if necessary, we will provide care in the Ústí Region, Moravian-Silesian Region, South Bohemia and Pilsen Region.

# Partners

The project "Systemic provision of care for imprisoned drug users and its subsequent continuity after release" is financially supported by the financial mechanism Norwegian Funds 2014-2021 in the Justice Program. The project is implemented in partnership with the organizations Center for Drug Prevention and Therapy, o.p.s., KOTEC, o.p.s., Laxus z.ú., Magdalena, o.p.s., SANANIM z.ú., Společnost Podané ruce o.p.s.