#POVÝSTUPU: Stanislav: I want to settle down somewhere

od Václav Zeman  April 4, 2024

"I have the experience of a person who had a conflict with the law and someone who was on the other side," Stanislav says in an interview conducted six months...


#INTERVIEW: Rooming houses and low-paid jobs are like a ticket back to prison

od Václav Zeman  August 12, 2023

Researcher Jiří Mertl from Charles University, who is the author of the research and evaluations of this project, speaks in this interview about the limits of providing case management in...


#INTERVIEW: When offenders feel that they have their lives in their hands, they have hope for change

od Václav Zeman  April 28, 2023

The interview with Jan Tomášek, a researcher at the Institute for Criminology and Social Prevention (IKSP), is about desistence, the effectiveness of different types of punishment, and the need to...


#INTERVIEW: To Make Life Meaningful After Release from Prison

od Václav Zeman  December 15, 2022

Ondřej Bílý, head of the Centre for Counselling Services in Prison, speaks in this interview after the presentation of the Podané ruce organization about work using the case management method,...


#INTERVIEW: People are very fragile after being released from prison

od Václav Zeman  September 20, 2022

Jana Repková, Head of the Program for Persons in Conflict with the Law, Centre for Drug Prevention and Therapy (CPPT), speaks in this interview about the current situation of the...


Six organizations are to set up systemic support for drug-addicted prisoners

od Václav Zeman  December 1, 2021

The new system of support for prisoners using addictive substances will take place directly in prisons during preparation for release and after their return to normal life. Among other things,...