The return of prisoners to society is complicated by unaffordable housing and limited employment opportunities, as well as other systemic problems (Press release)

Unaffordable housing, problems with finding a job, the hard-to-predict timing of conditional release, the return to another part of the country and the continuity of support there, and the overload of workers in prisons and those in support professions in non-profit organizations are the main limits of supporting prisoners with addiction and preparing them to return to society after the end of their sentence. These are the findings of the second evaluation report of the project aimed at introducing the case management method into work with prisoners with addiction in Czech prisons, published on the website

# Partners

The project "Systemic provision of care for imprisoned drug users and its subsequent continuity after release" is financially supported by the financial mechanism Norwegian Funds 2014-2021 in the Justice Program. The project is implemented in partnership with the organizations Center for Drug Prevention and Therapy, o.p.s., KOTEC, o.p.s., Laxus z.ú., Magdalena, o.p.s., SANANIM z.ú., Společnost Podané ruce o.p.s.