Addiction puts the released back behind bars.

Together we are introducing innovative methods of addiction treatment to Czech prisons.

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# How we do it?

We are setting up systemic support for the prison population at risk of addictions in the phase of preparation for release. Even intense professional care during the transition back into the company.

We want to improve the image of the prison addiction service and thereby strengthen social acceptance of the social worker profession in this area. Our goal is to present the issue of prison and addiction through the eyes of workers.
THE CASE MANAGEMENT METHOD brings together professionals from the fields of addiction solutions - for example, social workers, therapists, addictologists, health professionals, representatives of the Probation and Mediation Service and others.

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#INTERVIEW: Rooming houses and low-paid jobs are like a ticket back to prison

Researcher Jiří Mertl from Charles University, who is the author of the research and evaluations of this project, speaks in this interview about the limits of providing case management in Czech prisons, the unpredictability of conditional release, and the difficulty of the work of case managers themselves.

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The project "Systemic provision of care for imprisoned drug users and its subsequent continuity after release" is financially supported by the financial mechanism Norwegian Funds 2014-2021 in the Justice Program. The project is implemented in partnership with the organizations Center for Drug Prevention and Therapy, o.p.s., KOTEC, o.p.s., Laxus z.ú., Magdalena, o.p.s., SANANIM z.ú., Společnost Podané ruce o.p.s.